Who Should Take Advantage of Our Aturna Page?

At Elder Advisors Law, our team is constantly looking for ways to make estate planning more convenient and accessible for our clients. That’s what led us to launch a Aturna (formerly Guidr) page which provides an avenue for more “Do It Yourself” planning.

This platform won’t work for everyone, though. Most estates still require the detailed attention of an experienced attorney to avoid the many pitfalls of insufficient planning. The basic estate planning documents are available through our Aturna page, and include:

  • Financial Power of Attorney 
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney 
  • Simple Wills

So, what clients are ideal for our Aturna page?

Clients With Straightforward Planning Needs

Aturna is an online estate planning platform that allows people with more straightforward basic planning needs to skip most of the time and expenses that come from working with a law firm and instead do some or all of the planning themselves.

If you have a “simple” estate, you can use our Aturna page to get the documents you need to complete your plan. These documents are optimized to ensure your estate fulfills all the necessary legal requirements while also allowing you to find a plan that works for you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, you are never alone when you use Aturna an attorney is one click or message away. One of our attorneys also reviews your plan to verify there is nothing missing. Aturna is your attorney your way!

Clients Who Need Convenience

The “Do It Yourself” nature of Aturna could save you significant time. We understand life moves quickly, and it can be difficult to judge all the different tasks life has for us. Aturna provides you with the convenience that allows you to craft an estate plan on your time.

Clients Who Are Tech-Savvy

Of course, the DIY nature of Aturna requires a base-level understanding of technology. You will have to navigate the website and ensure you follow the necessary steps properly to get the most out of your plan.

This doesn’t mean you need to be a computer expert. Our Aturna page was created to ensure ease of navigation while still covering all your needs.

Clients Who Still Need the Expertise of an Attorney

You can google “DIY estate planning” and find a thousand different options. So, what makes the Elder Advisors Law Aturna page any different?

Our page still brings clients together with our team of experienced attorneys. Even if you might never set foot in our office or need to meet directly with our team, but you can still rest assured our page has been crafted with the careful attention of estate planning professionals.

If you take advantage of our Aturna page and still need assistance, you can always contact our firm directly. We’ll be happy to help your family and protect what you’ve earned for generations to come.

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