What You Need to Know About Wisconsin’s Land Notification System

In Wisconsin, homeowners and real estate investors have started receiving a new type of notification concerning their property deeds. This initiative, part of Wisconsin’s Land Notification System, serves to protect land and homeowners from any unusual or suspicious activities related to their property deeds.

This system has already rolled out in many counties across the state (including Waukesha County and Rock County). It is a significant step towards enhancing security and peace of mind for landowners. If you’re signed up for the system, you will receive a notification through the mail or via email (depending on which company your county is working with to send the alerts–there are multiple) related to any changes recorded on property deeds you own.

But, what does this system have to do with a Wisconsin estate planning law firm? Our work may trigger some notifications.

Wisconsin Land Notifications Related to Your Estate Plan

When it comes to protecting your Wisconsin real estate assets, incorporating them into a trust is often the most common and sensible move for property owners. This process involves updating the property deed to reflect the name of the trust, which is a critical step toward fully funding your trust and managing the assets affordably, privately, and efficiently.

For residents in areas covered by one of the several Land Notification services who subscribe to this free system, a notice in the mail or email regarding changes to your deed is likely when we update the deed in accordance with your estate plan. More often than not, this is a clear indication that your property has successfully been transferred into the trust, aligning with your estate planning objectives. However, it’s still important to verify the changes are accurate whenever you receive a notification.

What Should I Do If I Receive a Wisconsin Land Notification?

Upon receiving a Wisconsin land notification, there are two essential steps to consider. The first is to reach out to the Register of Deeds. They can offer a detailed breakdown of the notification and clarify any changes made to your property.

The other is contacting your Wisconsin estate planning attorney to verify whether the notice corresponds with recent actions taken on your behalf. While our only option is to connect with the Register of Deeds to get that same information, we understand these notifications can raise alarms and are willing to help our clients better understand if the notification is connected to our work to secure your estate. This approach not only ensures that your estate planning documents are current but also provides peace of mind that any changes to your real estate holdings are intentional and accurately reflect your estate planning and real estate investment goals.

Estate Planning Clarity for Your Wisconsin Real Estate

At Elder Advisors Law, we take pride in bringing peace of mind to our clients. We know this new notification system has caught some residents and property owners off-guard, but the system is in place for a good reason. If you receive a notice and have recently worked with us, don’t hesitate to contact our office for clarity. We will ensure your estate planning documents are in order and point you in the direction of the necessary people or departments if there are any additional concerns about your property.

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