Jean & Larry R.

They answered all of our questions about estate planning and were most helpful. We got exactly what we asked for, which was helpful advice. We felt that we could trust their team. Read More

C. O’flanagan

What stands out from my experience is that every person I met with was knowledgeable about the law and was professional. Communication skills were excellent. Each person exhibited passion for my goal and was willing to listen to my concerns with compassion. Thank you. Read More

John K.

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed! The monthly newsletter is timely, targeted, and helpful. TLC videos are a good review of things you have shared at various workshops. The short videos posted on your website are concise reminders of things you have said over the years of meeting with you. Seeing pictures of your team lets me know what is going on behind the scenes at Elder Advisors Law. I love it! Read More

Valerie M.

These are just the nicest of staff and Attorneys. We visited for a free workshop on estate planning. We will be going back to get our plans in order. We are retired and want our wishes for the future taken care of while we are still capable of doing so. Our investment advisor had also recommended them. Read More

Marilyn C.

Professional, competent but in a relaxed setting. Very thorough planning to meet your individual needs. Attorney Ley is very easy to talk to, not intimidating. Read More

Richard & Janice K.

Honest, friendly, very knowledgeable. Fast at completing the work. Dependable. Gave advice about other legal problems we might have. Read More

Heather H.

Thank you so much for your generous presentation on Senior Law at High Ridge Manor and Geneva Hills Apartments. Your hard work makes an impact in the lives of many seniors! All of the residents truly benefit from this program! I sincerely appreciate the time and attention given to my clients. Read More

Terry B.

We were very pleased with the professional manner in which Attorney Ley explained and created our Irrevocable Income Trust. Since we do not have any children, we were concerned about what would happen to our assets (home, business, life insurance, etc.) if something were to happen to both of us at the same time. With the help of Attorney Ley’s planning skills, we were able to protect all of our assets and also make Read More

Doug M.

Went above my expectations…Becky was so nice and Doug was outstanding. I didn’t expect anything because of past dealings with the VA but they were able to help me get my discharge papers and get VA benefits. If someone asked me about Elder Advisors Law, I would say “They do a lot for you. Read More

Phil and Heidi

Proverbs 19:20-21, paraphrased, states “Don’t be a fool, seek wise counsel.” I was approaching retirement basically disinterested and ignorant about the issues of power of attorneys, wills, taxes, trusts, long term care and asset protection. My wife and I knew that, if possible, we might want to live in sunny Florida. The more we talked about retirement, our thinking shifted at we contemplated the “what if” and Read More