Mark J.

Everything went very smooth. Excellent responsivess and communication. Read More

Ronda H.

Excellent Service! Read More

Phyllis R.

I didn’t really know what to expect, as I was a first-timer, and ignorant of many things. But what I got was an education.  What stands out for me from this experience the most is the professionalism and ease of experience. I was treated with respect and friendliness. Read More

Sherry L.

I needed help with my father's estate. Elder Advisors went above and beyond anything I could have expected. The whole team was amazing to work with. Thank you to all! Read More

Greg L.

I expected a timely solution to my mother's probate issue and I got a problem-free settlement. Very good explanation of the probate process by the team. Read More

Kim V.

Thank you all for everything. What I expected was competent and good service. What I got was kind, competent, and quality service. What stands out most from my experience is…kind and non-judgmental. Read More

B. Randy A.

What I expected was a complete and accurate estate portfolio which was impressively done. I received concise and professional documents. What stands out most from my experience is Amber's knowledge and professional demeanor. She met our needs completely! We can rest easy knowing our daughter will have everything she needs to settle our estate, serve as our advocate in times of medical need, and have all the Read More

Jean & Larry R.

They answered all of our questions about estate planning and were most helpful. We got exactly what we asked for, which was helpful advice. We felt that we could trust their team. Read More

C. O’flanagan

What stands out from my experience is that every person I met with was knowledgeable about the law and was professional. Communication skills were excellent. Each person exhibited passion for my goal and was willing to listen to my concerns with compassion. Thank you. Read More

John K.

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed! The monthly newsletter is timely, targeted, and helpful. TLC videos are a good review of things you have shared at various workshops. The short videos posted on your website are concise reminders of things you have said over the years of meeting with you. Seeing pictures of your team lets me know what is going on behind the scenes at Elder Advisors Law. I love it! Read More