Take the Stress out of Estate Planning with the Elder Advisors Law TLC Maintenance Program


Life gets busy in a hurry. On top of all the other responsibilities of life, your estate plan is often forgotten or neglected. This added layer of responsibility creates stress and additional costs that some people would rather avoid. Of course, failing to update your estate plan means losing out on the vital contributions a plan makes to your life and your legacy.

Estate planning opens doors to generational wealth and ensures all essential pieces are in place during emergencies. This is an ongoing effort that doesn’t end the moment you establish a plan, however. It’s important to adapt your plan to life’s rhythm through marriages, divorces, births, deaths, and other major life events. 

For residents of Wisconsin, the Elder Advisors Law TLC Maintenance Program is designed to bring peace of mind to every aspect of planning – ensuring your plan evolves with you and alleviates the stress of an often complex legal process. As a bonus, we’ll let you in on a secret: Proactive planning isn’t the only perk members of the program receive.

Stress-Free Estate Planning

At Elder Advisors Law, we understand that life doesn’t pause for estate planning. That’s why, once you’ve started your plan with us, we take on the responsibility of keeping in touch to maintain and update your plan as needed.

Proactively reaching out to you roughly every two years, we ensure your estate plan reflects your current life stage without you needing to stress yourself out over it. From personal changes to familial changes and even changes in the law, we remain vigilant in keeping you informed and updated.

You place your trust in an attorney when you hire them, so why wouldn’t you want that trust extended well into the future as your life changes and your plan needs to change, too?

Don’t Drop Another Dime on Minor Changes

The notion that every minor life change should result in additional fees is commonplace in the legal industry. But, why should certainty in your estate plan come with uncertainty in your expenses?

The TLC Maintenance Program at Elder Advisors Law turns this practice on its head. Marriages, divorces, relocations – the program covers all such “secretarial” adjustments. Your peace of mind is paramount, which is why we ensure that your plan remains dynamic and reflective of your life at no extra cost.

Have minor questions and just need to talk to an attorney to make sure you have the right answers? They’re part of the package. With us, your estate plan is a living document, adapting to minor changes at no additional cost.

Unmatched Member Perks

Blending legal services with the warmth of community, the TLC Maintenance Program redefines the attorney-client relationship. Our members enjoy benefits that go beyond just the traditional legal services.

What does that look like? This year, we invited members to a FREE AAA baseball game to connect with each other, enjoy the game, and relax. We’re looking forward to future opportunities to bring members together! Members also receive an exclusive newsletter that helps them stay informed and connected.

Become a TLC Maintenance Program Member Today

Your peace of mind is not just our promise – it’s our practice. As a TLC Maintenance Program member, a thorough, efficient, and proactive approach to estate planning awaits. Contact Elder Advisors Law today to learn more and step into the future with confidence.

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