New Year, New Beginnings: Taking Care of Your Estate Plan in 2024

In the blink of an eye, it’s 2024. We made great strides in 2023, but it’s time to refocus on the New Year and the new beginnings ahead. The New Year is a period for setting new goals, and a crucial one should be ensuring your estate, legacy, and loved ones are well taken care of.

An effective estate plan should offer you peace of mind, whether or not you’re part of Elder Advisors Law’s TLC Maintenance Program. Our aim at Elder Advisors Law for clients in Wisconsin is to help you ensure your estate plan reflects your goals, performs as intended, and achieves your set goals.

Starting Your Estate Plan From Scratch in 2024

If you’re without an estate plan or find yourself needing a fresh start due to changes such as a recent (or upcoming) divorce, you’re in the right place. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your individual circumstances and develop a comprehensive plan from the ground up.

Estate planning isn’t just for the elderly; adults of all ages, whether you’re 25 or 65, need an effective estate plan that reflects their current needs and wants. With the anticipated largest wealth transfer in American history on the horizon, having an estate plan is crucial for positioning yourself to be a part of this shift.

We ultimately don’t know what the future holds, as recent years of public health crises have taught us. As we age, new health challenges emerge, highlighting the importance of a robust estate plan. Remember, we can’t predict the future, but we can certainly prepare for it.

Get a Second Opinion on Your Estate Plan

Already have an estate plan but unsure about its effectiveness? The New Year is a perfect opportunity to address these concerns. Elder Advisors Law offers to examine your current estate planning documents and make adjustments to align them with the goals and challenges of today. The holiday season often brings family discussions about estate planning to the forefront, sparking new ideas or highlighting the need for changes.

We encourage you to attend one of our workshops (or watch one online) to learn more. Then, we would love for you to schedule a consultation during which you’ll bring your existing documents. We will review your current plan to ensure it aligns with your wishes. If it’s on track, we respect your time and resources by not suggesting unnecessary changes. However, if it falls short of your goals, we’re ready to update the necessary documents to ensure your estate plan is as you intend it to be.

Make 2024 the Year Your Estate Plan Works For You

Whether starting anew or modifying existing documents, the goal is to have an estate plan that offers you peace of mind. Elder Advisors Law is adept at both initiating and revising estate plans to align with our client’s wishes. Contact the firm to get your estate plan in order, and don’t forget to ask about our proactive TLC Maintenance Program!

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