Joseph Ley

Drafting Coordinator

Joseph Ley is the Drafting Coordinator for Elder Advisors Law. Joseph is the only son of Attorney Douglas Ley and Donna Ley. He graduated from Milton High School in 2011 and lived in California for three years before he started working for Elder Advisors Law in 2014. He has been receiving his on-the-job education ever since. An addition to working for the law firm, Joseph is also licensed to sell insurance. 

When Joseph first started working for Elder Advisors Law, his goal was to help his father run a successful business. As he has watched clients go through the estate planning process, Joseph witnessed firsthand clients protecting their estates and leaving a legacy; it inspired him for his own family. Passing his estate and protecting his wife and daughter, Gianna, has become a driving force for him. Joseph has 100% confidence in the value of Elder Advisor Law’s work and takes pride in serving the lawfirm’s clients. 

Joseph enjoys taking his dog Shadow to the San Juan National Forest in Colorado to spend a week under the stars. He is an avid Wisconsin sports fan and especially loves the Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers. His free time is spent with his family and or reading his Kindle.