The Triggers for Updating Your Estate Plan as a Member of the Sandwich Generation

Estate planning is a generational effort. It’s precisely why we believe in “Helping Families & Protecting Generations.” We take pride in helping the people of Wisconsin navigate what’s often a complex estate planning journey, especially for members of the “Sandwich Generation.” As we’ve talked about previously, the Sandwich Generation represents those who have children of their own but are also still caring for Read More

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

One of the topics we regularly talk about is adaptive estate planning and how your plan needs to evolve with you as life changes. People often think this merely means they need to update their plan when they buy a house, a family member gets married, someone has a kid, etc. These are all important moments to update your plan, but a truly adaptive estate plan also involves understanding modern assets – specifically Read More

What You Need to Know About Wisconsin’s Land Notification System

In Wisconsin, homeowners and real estate investors have started receiving a new type of notification concerning their property deeds. This initiative, part of Wisconsin’s Land Notification System, serves to protect land and homeowners from any unusual or suspicious activities related to their property deeds. This system has already rolled out in many counties across the state (including Waukesha County and Rock Read More

Effective Estate Planning is Crucial for People with Dementia

Dementia is a sensitive subject for many families. We understand the complex care and considerations that go into preparing for life with Dementia and what follows. As a form of Alzheimer’s, the disease presents unique challenges for patients and their loved ones that necessitate thoughtful planning and care. Our team at Elder Advisors Law is dedicated to working closely with these individuals and families, both Read More

How Do You Effectively Fund a Trust?

Trusts are an invaluable estate planning tool for those seeking to maintain greater control over their assets, ensure privacy during the transfer of assets, and avoid the probate process. A critical aspect that Elder Advisors Law Firm often discusses with clients in Wisconsin is the concept of "funding" a trust. Contrary to what the term may imply, funding a trust does not merely involve putting money into it. Read More

You Need to Get Owner and Beneficiary Designations Right

In estate planning, asset ownership and beneficiary designations are the cornerstone of a well- crafted estate plan. They require careful consideration and should be reviewed regularly. Proper designations ensure that your assets are protected and distributed according to your wishes, smoothly, and without legal hurdles. A beneficiary is a general term, but it can also be called pay on death (POD) or transfer on Read More

New Year, New Beginnings: Taking Care of Your Estate Plan in 2024

In the blink of an eye, it's 2024. We made great strides in 2023, but it's time to refocus on the New Year and the new beginnings ahead. The New Year is a period for setting new goals, and a crucial one should be ensuring your estate, legacy, and loved ones are well taken care of. An effective estate plan should offer you peace of mind, whether or not you're part of Elder Advisors Law's TLC Maintenance Program. Our Read More

Take the Stress out of Estate Planning with the Elder Advisors Law TLC Maintenance Program

  Life gets busy in a hurry. On top of all the other responsibilities of life, your estate plan is often forgotten or neglected. This added layer of responsibility creates stress and additional costs that some people would rather avoid. Of course, failing to update your estate plan means losing out on the vital contributions a plan makes to your life and your legacy. Estate planning opens doors to generational wealth Read More

Estate Planning is a Gift to the Whole Family

  We often talk about your estate plan. Have you started one? When was the last time you updated it? Is it accomplishing your goals? This might imply, on the surface, that estate planning is about you and only you, but in the season of giving, we want to make one thing clear: estate planning is a gift to the whole family. Your plan is a wealth machine that serves your interests but also involves a number of elements Read More

Make Time for the Whole Family This School Year

Back to School is a packed time of year for families. You’re trying to run around and make sure the kids have all the supplies they need to have a successful school year. Then, the school year starts and you’re working on adjusting schedules to make sure all the extracurricular activities are accounted for. There’s no doubt academic success is a vital aspect of childhood, but it’s also important not to neglect Read More