Top 10 Reasons You Need to Update Your Estate Plan

Having an estate plan opens up many doors and possibilities for you and your loved ones. Your plan exists as a roadmap for what happens when you’re gone, how assets are managed while you’re still alive, and more. But, how good is an estate plan that does not effectively keep up with your life as changes happen? Last month, we covered the top 10 reasons you need an estate plan, but the work does not end there. Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan

At Elder Advisors Law, LLC, we pride ourselves on helping clients and their families “protect generations.” For us, this means effective estate planning and asset protection that provides a roadmap for generations to come. Our team hears from people all the time, whether it’s in our offices, at our workshops, or at our lunch and learn programs, that they don’t believe they personally need an estate plan. People make Read More

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

At Elder Advisors Law, we believe in the power of awareness and understanding. Bringing attention to the challenges many of our clients and their loved ones face allows us to not only protect those individuals but also bring hope to the cause and shine a light on progress. Every year, April marks Parkinson’s Awareness Month. This is the birth month of physician James Parkinson who was the first to describe Read More

What Your Company Can Gain From Our Lunch & Learn Program

At Elder Advisors, we spend a lot of time and effort helping people. We want to help families protect what they have accomplished for generations to come. We believe that understanding estate planning and asset protection are aspects of a healthy community – which is why we believe more people need to learn about these important topics. That’s where our Lunch-and-Learn Program comes in. We want to get out in the Read More

Who Should Take Advantage of Our Aturna Page?

At Elder Advisors Law, our team is constantly looking for ways to make estate planning more convenient and accessible for our clients. That’s what led us to launch a Aturna (formerly Guidr) page which provides an avenue for more “Do It Yourself” planning. This platform won’t work for everyone, though. Most estates still require the detailed attention of an experienced attorney to avoid the many pitfalls of Read More

It’s Important to Refocus Your Estate in the New Year

And just like that, the new year is upon us. The last year has brought on many exciting opportunities and changes for Wisconsin and Florida families. As we start off 2023, it’s important to refocus ourselves on what’s important. Taking care of your family and loved ones should be near the top of the priority list – that includes your estate plan. You have to ask yourself important questions such as: Is my estate Read More

Include Aging Loved Ones In All Your Exciting Plans in the New Year!

At Elder Advisors Law, we talk a lot about planning and caring for our aging loved ones. It’s important to have a plan and keep up with their needs through the entire aging process. But, what about vacation planning? Sure, our team isn’t a vacation planning law firm and won’t be able to draw up your cross-country road trip for you – but we want to talk about the importance of including your aging loved ones in those Read More

When It Comes to Long-Term Care, You’ve Got Options

When you think about “long-term care” what do you think of? For most people, the first thought that comes to mind is a nursing home. We’re not here to tell you you’re wrong – nursing homes are certainly one option. But they’re certainly not the only option and the term is often used to cover several types of care. November is Long-term Care Awareness Month. This month is a great opportunity to learn more about the Read More

Friendships and Allies Mean The World to People With Alzheimer’s

At Elder Advisors Law, we talk a lot about the importance of allied professionals in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. These professionals ensure people with Alzheimer’s and their families have the resources they need to get through the challenges life has presented them. The same is true for friendships during an individual’s fight against Alzheimer’s. This might seem counterintuitive to people who don’t fully Read More

Where Are We At In The Fight Against Alzheimer’s?

Every year during this time of year there are organizations and individuals across the country putting together their own “Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®.” This is a great opportunity to raise funds to fight back against the disease that more than 6.5 million Americans 65 and older are estimated to have according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Our team at Elder Advisors Law is proud to be a part of Read More