Meet our team!

Douglas P. Ley, Esq. – Founding Attorney

Douglas Ley is an Elder Law and VA accredited attorney who practices law in the state of Wisconsin. Doug is the founder of Elder Advisors Law, a law firm that specializes in federal law as it relates to state law for advanced estate planning. Elder Advisors Law is a multi-state law firm with its primary headquarters located in Janesville, WI. 

Doug began his career in the financial services industry. Throughout his career, Doug worked hand in hand with those that required special needs planning which included special needs children and those in the senior market for the special needs that arise as we age.  Doug quickly became the “go-to-guy” for highly technical, complicated cases and eventually became an Advanced Markets Manager for a top 10 U.S insurance company. With Doug’s experience and expertise, Doug was able to develop unique financial strategies to ensure families and their loved ones were taken care of and was a catalyst for changing the financial services industry, one family at a time. 

Doug’s passion for law was sparked when he noticed that very few attorneys were able to design and understood advanced estate planning. Doug graduated from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Inspired by his life’s work, Elder Advisors Law was founded on the principles of helping those who cannot help themselves and preparing for the worst and managing for the best. Doug’s estate planning practice is client centered and uses personalized wills, trusts, power of attorneys and other techniques to address elder law and special needs planning issues of asset protection, Medicaid, Medicare and Veterans Benefits. With Doug’s holistic approach, it’s all about options and creating a personalized rule book. With a passion for education, Doug enjoys presenting workshops for local communities and specialized workshops for the financial services industry. 

Doug is a Vietnam-era Veteran and served honorably from 1972-76. He takes special pleasure in helping veterans of foreign wars and disabled vets fight for their benefits. Local missions hold a special place in Doug’s heart. Doug takes an annual mission trip to the Appalachian mountain area to serve the underprivileged. Doug has mentored many men with the goal of helping them become productive members of society and has established Celebrate Recovery Inside, a faith-based recovery program, in the Jefferson County Jail. Doug and his law firm support his local community’s homeless shelter on a regular basis. 

Doug and his wife Donna live in Janesville. Together they are blessed with four daughters, one son and a passel of granddaughters! Passionate for community and an avid sportsman, Doug can be found tournament bass fishing throughout the summer months, golfing at a local golf course or hosting friends and family in his home. 

John F. Koenig, Esq. – Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

John F. Koenig is an Elder Law Attorney from Milton, Wisconsin, and is part of the team at Elder Advisors Law, a law firm dedicated to helping families and protecting generations with offices in Janesville and Wales, Wisconsin. John is passionate about helping families protect what matters most to them by putting purpose in their Estate Planning. John has been practicing law for nearly 20 years, helping families preserve and protect their hard-earned assets so they can live with peace of mind. He is experienced in all aspects of estate planning, Medicaid planning, Medicaid crisis planning, special needs trusts, and asset protection planning.

Part of what makes John a successful attorney is his ability to educate people about their options in ways that empower them to make the right decisions in their planning. He takes the time to make sure his clients have a thorough understanding of the process, so they aren’t left in the dark. He knows that the people he works with don’t always have extensive legal knowledge, but he prides himself on having keen communication skills and patience to help them understand complex legal matters in easy to understand ways. Those seeking an Elder Law attorney are often in a delicate situation because of their own health or the health of a family member, so compassion is an important part of the job.

John F. Koenig earned his Juris Doctorate from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University. Prior to this, he earned a bachelor’s degree in pre-law studies from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. He is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, Lawyers with Purpose, National Alliance of Attorneys for Alzheimer’s Planning, and the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).  John is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) and is a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care Trainer (CADDCT). 

John’s diverse career history has given him insight into various aspects of business, both inside and outside the legal industry. He enjoys being an integral part of a company that provides the opportunity for both career development and personal enrichment. As an example, he has used his legal knowledge for the betterment of his community, providing pro bono work for churches and other charitable organizations. 

John grew up on his family’s hobby farm in central Indiana.  His faith-based upbringing taught him to work hard, learn from his mistakes, and to persevere through life’s difficulties.  John desires to help others press through their challenges to make sound decisions for their families.

John is married to Andrea, and they have been blessed with three children and three grandchildren (so far!).  Besides spending time with his family, John enjoys a good workout, being outdoors, especially in his garden, and watching college basketball (Once a Hoosier, always a Hoosier!). 

Todd Gravelyn, Esq. – Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

Todd Gravelyn is an estate planning and elder law attorney for Elder Advisors Law and primarily serves our clients located in MI and northern IL.  Over the years, Todd has maintained his passion for helping families know their options when it comes to estate planning. Todd helps families design and create their own “rule book” versus using the government set of rules all while keeping asset protection in mind.   With compassion and care, Todd helps families navigate and plan for the complexities of financing the cost of long-term care and ensures estate plans encompass all the “what if” scenarios families may face during their lifetime

Todd thoroughly enjoys lending his legal experience and stands behind the law firm’s mission of “Helping Families- Protecting Generations” when working with clients and their trusted financial advisors. Todd is licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois and Michigan.

Driven by curiosity and a desire to help, Todd enjoys the dynamics of education and has a passion for teaching. During his lifetime, Todd has had a variety of careers including owning and operating his own transportation company and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Todd shares his own life experience and other areas of expertise as part of his practice and likes helping his clients understand their options when designing estate plans.

Todd is married to Rosemary and has been blessed with four children and one very excitable pup! Todd is an advocate for the special needs communities and takes a great interest in Special Needs Planning and Disability Law.  Todd is an avid reader, family man and takes pride in serving his local church. 

Alfred Pandl, Esq. – Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney

Alfred Pandl is an Estate Planning and Elder Law attorney who serves our clients in Southwest Florida. As an attorney in the firm, Al presides over the Venice, Florida office of Elder Advisors Law.

Al graduated from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School and is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida. He completed three years of law school in only two years and graduated with honors. After graduating from law school, Al immediately created his own law firm as a solo practitioner in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

When he first started out, his initial legal focus was in both family law and criminal defense work, but over the years, Al has transitioned and re-focused his legal career on helping families to plan for the future and protect the estates they have spent a lifetime building.

Al loves the law and the legal profession for many reasons but what he loves the most is the ability it has given him to connect with people from all walks of life and all different backgrounds for the purpose of either resolving their current situation or strategically planning to avoid future problems. Being able to spend the time necessary with each client to build not only a legal relationship but a personal relationship is very important to him and of all the titles that may be attached to an attorney, the title he most relates to is that of counselor.

As part of the Elder Advisors Law team he believes he has never been in a better position to help and protect people.

In addition to his legal expertise, Al brings a wide variety of business experiences to the firm, having created and operated numerous successful businesses, which included, a residential construction company, a commercial construction company, a commercial real estate and property development company and property management company.

Al joined the military at only seventeen years of age and went directly from high school to Paris Island, where he began his service in the United States Marine Corps. He served in the Corps from 1970 until 1974, during the Vietnam conflict.

He was Honorably Discharged as a Sargent and then went on to serve many years in the National Guard. Al is grateful for the opportunity he had to serve his country and shares the special connection that all veterans have with each other. He enjoys working with veterans to help them protect themselves and their families and when necessary, to get the help that they need.

Al and his wife Denyse have been married forty six years and live in Venice, Florida. Together, they are active in both their community and their church and they spend as much time as possible with their two children and five grandchildren, who also all live in Venice.

Al enjoys starting every morning at the gym lifting weights and ending every evening relaxing with his guitar.

He and Denyse love the coastal lifestyle and they enjoy boating and exploring the beaches and the natural attractions of Florida.

Amber Gonska, Esq. – Elder Law Attorney

Amber Gonska is a Wisconsin native and an attorney at Elder Advisors Law, LLC, a law firm that helps families and protects generations. Before being an attorney, Amber was the Medicaid Case Coordinator for Elder Advisors Law, LLC. She had a 100% approval rate for her applications during her tenure. 

She also was a psychiatric social worker for several years. This is where she discovered her appreciation for how intertwined and complex the medical, legal, and financial worlds are—and how much families benefited when they had an advocate on their side. Her client-centered approach was born from these experiences. Everything centers on helping people discover their goals. Regardless of the circumstances, her goals remain the same: to provide people with peace of mind while protecting future generations. 

At Elder Advisors Law, LLC, Amber focuses on probate, trust administration, and estate planning. To address the unique challenges of elder law and special needs planning, she uses personalized wills, trusts, power of attorneys, and other techniques. Each possesses its ability to assist with asset protection, Medicaid, Medicare, and Veterans Benefits. 

As a true lifelong learner, she double majored in Psychology and Social Work with a minor in Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She continued her education by earning her Juris Doctorate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University—where she received a full scholarship and graduated Cum Laude (with honors). She is a proud member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, Lawyers with Purpose, and the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).

Amber comes from a very close-knit family. She grew up with both her grandmas who required long-term care, and family caregivers stepped in and provided those services in their homes. From these personal experiences, she understands the complications that accompany these situations. She incorporates her empathy for families by helping them to navigate their long-term care issues. 

Amber aims to challenge many of the typical stereotypes associated with lawyers. Her greatest hope is that her clients feel supported, listened to, and understood while knowing that they have an ardent advocate on their side. 

On a personal note, her greatest joys are her five nieces and nephews. On most weekends, you will find her at their soccer games, ballet recitals, or football games to cheer them on. Besides her family, Amber loves to travel (next stop: Europe!), host family and friends (she would love to open an Airbnb one day), support her favorite charities, and all things DIY, design, and home remodeling. Her current project is helping her first-time homebuyer sister renovate her new home. 


Andrea Koenig – TLC Maintenance Coordinator

Andrea Koenig is the TLC Maintenance Coordinator for Elder Advisors Law. Andrea enjoys listening to people and facilitating problem-solving. She loves seeing the change in how her clients feel and think about the problems they are facing. She says that often people call or come to the office feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the future, but after our staff and attorneys meet with them, their relief and smiles make her day!

Andrea Koenig grew up in the midwest. She earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and worked as a teacher for ten years. Then, she managed a small non-profit organization for seven years.

When she is not working at Elder Advisors Law, Andrea enjoys gardening, hiking, and reading. She also loves being a grandma!


Joseph Ley – Drafting Coordinator

Joseph Ley is the Drafting Coordinator for Elder Advisors Law. Joseph is the only son of Attorney Douglas Ley and Donna Ley. He graduated from Milton High School in 2011 and lived in California for three years before he started working for Elder Advisors Law in 2014. He has been receiving his on-the-job education ever since. An addition to working for the law firm, Joseph is also licensed to sell insurance. 

When Joseph first started working for Elder Advisors Law, his goal was to help his father run a successful business. As he has watched clients go through the estate planning process, Joseph witnessed firsthand clients protecting their estate and leaving a legacy; it inspired him for his own family. Passing his estate and protecting his wife and daughter, Gianna, has become a driving force for him. Joseph has 100% confidence in the value of Elder Advisor Law’s work and takes pride in serving the law firm clients. 

Joseph enjoys taking his dog Shadow to the San Juan National Forest in Colorado to spend a week under the stars. He is an avid Wisconsin sports fan, and especially loves the Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers. His free time is spent with his family and or reading his Kindle.

Melody J. McCumber – Medicaid Coordinator

Melody McCumber is the Medicaid Coordinator for Elder Advisors Law. Melody enjoys helping people in all aspects of life and loves having a job that allows her to do that every day. She says, “Medicaid can be really confusing, and people are sometimes very stressed when they come into the office. It is so rewarding to see some of that stress fall away as we explain everything and how we can help them or their loved one.”

 Melody grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin and recently moved back to be close to family. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy from University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and previously worked as an investment services associate for a non-profit loan fund company.

 Melody loves doing anything outside, from kayaking to hiking to sports to lawn games. She and her husband love hosting in their home, whether it is family dinners, friends over for game nights, cookouts, or spending time with their small group from church.


Rebecca Vivian – Marketing Assistant

Rebecca Vivian currently serves a Marketing Assistant for Elder Advisors Law. Rebecca started with the law firm in 2017 assisting clients in the estate planning process. She is passionate about ensuring the local communities are informed of the unique estate planning services of Elder Advisors Law and keeping the clients updated about the firm happenings.

Rebecca proudly works alongside her brother, Joseph Ley and father, Attorney Douglas Ley. One of her greatest joys is watching the law firm clients become like family as they work with the team at Elder Advisors Law!

Rebecca lived in Romania as a missionary for two years prior to joining the firm. She loves spending time with her husband Brentan, her daughter Nola, other family and friends. When she is not working, she can be found exploring the world through photography.

Ericka Sura – Client Services Coordinator & Paralegal

Ericka Sura is a valued member of Elder Advisors Law, and she serves as the Client Services Coordinator & Paralegal. At the heart of a good estate planning law firm is the deep-rooted desire to help others. That is what drives Ericka, and she has made a career out of discovering ways she can be of service to people in need. She wants future clients to know that everyone faces challenges throughout their lives, but they aren’t alone. Thankfully, there are roles within society dedicated to ensuring that others overcome their most significant obstacles. This mindset was what inspired her to join the team at Elder Advisors Law.

She enjoys learning about other people and cultures when she isn’t working for our clients. She developed a passion for traveling as a young girl. Each summer, she would venture out on a new mission trip, the source and beginning of her massive map and postcard collection. What places does she still want to visit? Everywhere.